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Cross Country Skiing - Soldier Hollow, Midway 2/23/24

Updated: Mar 5

Classic nordic skiing has been practiced in a similar form for over 5000 years. It is exploration, exercise or a means of transportation. I love that I can take classic (off trail) skis up many trails, or canyons, with my dogs, and I don’t need grooming. Skis are faster and more efficient than snowshoes, especially when going downhill. Classic skiing can be relatively inexpensive and can be practiced for free around the state. Soldier Hollow is our nordic olympic site and offers groomed trails and rentals making it a great place to learn.


Trailhead - 12:30 pm

Activity - 1-4 pm

Back at Trailhead - 4pm

Drive: Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, Midway

Cost: Soldier Hollow has 2 free (trail pass and rentals) days a season - usually on Fridays in Feb and March

Trail Fee: $20

Rentals: $28

Activities: 12:30 pm to 1 pm - assist with ski "free" rentals, waivers, etc. Used 3 track areas for practice (upper, stadium, behind stadium)

  • warm lodge / shop with bathrooms

  • 1 pm - On snow in the upper teaching area!

  • Introductions and XC Ski Experience

  • Talk about some differences in our equipment

  • Basics in the upper teaching area:

  • Basic body position for stability

  • Putting your skis on

  • Basic striding shuffle with no poles

  • Add a glide

  • Shift weight

  • Stop and turn

  • The Track is Optional!

  • Falling and getting up

  • Ski out and down Lower Hollow to the Stadium which has a longer flat space to practice, and we may ski the Sprint Loop or stay in the stadium area depending on skills and snow:

  • double pole

  • diagonal striding

  • figure eight turns with picking up your feet

  • getting the glide

  • herringbone uphill

  • half wedge to slow speed

  • stepping in and out of the track

  • full wedge

  • 3 pm (ish) - Optional Ski! Depending on snow coverage and skill level, we will ski one or both of these loops, and if you’re too tired already we will ski you back to the lodge first!

  • option a: cowboy way to heber valley express loop

  • option b: lower hollow to pony express loop

  • The ski area closes at 4 pm so we will have wrapped up before then!

Bathrooms - yes

Cell Phone Reception - yes

Gear: Cross-country skis/poles/shoes (can rent at visitors center) gaiters (optional - can rent), (NO COTTON) thermal top and bottom (synthetic yoga pants), wool socks or just not cotton socks, snow pants (if it will be snowing, otherwise they get too hot), long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular backpack (with space remaining to shove clothes in when you get too warm), 1 Liters water, 3-4 snacks

Tips: Wear/Bring:

  • Dress as if you were going to be running in the same temperature, but with clothing that will stay warm when wet or is weather resistant. You will get wet from falling in the snow and sweating.

  • Much XC ski clothing has breathable sections in heat areas and wind resistance on the front. A single thin layer on top and bottom which may be synthetic or wool, with thin wool socks, and a vest or lightweight jacket for wind is usually sufficient. If you only have leggings, a pair of shorts over the top adds wind resistance.

  • Lightweight gloves or mittens that fit well, water proof is nice, but not required, and something to cover your ears like a buff. Sunglasses or clear glasses depending on the day.

  • A small waist pack for keys, phone, snack, and maybe a small water bottle is recommended. It needs to be small, and not bounce or get in your way and not a backpack because backpacks change weight distribution and will make it harder for you.

  • You may wish to bring a change of socks and other clothes for the drive home. I usually need a full change of clothes!

Rentals: Cross Country Skis/poles/shoes: $28 adult (Soldier Hollow); Cross country ski package ($11 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $12 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

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