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Skate Skiing - Soldier Hollow 3/15/24


Carpooling - 11:30 am -12:15 pm

Rent Gear - 12:30 pm

Ski Lesson - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ski - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Directions: Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, Midway

Activity: Skate skiing - skiing 1-2 mile trails (easy-moderate) Skate skiing is a relatively new way to nordic ski and the techniques have evolved a lot in the last fifty years so there is always something to learn or improve. Skate skiing can be really fast and dynamic and that can make it super fun!

Gear: Skate skiis/poles/boots (can rent), (NO COTTON) sweat wicking top and bottom, wool socks, thin gloves, buff or ear warmers, hat, sunglasses, snacks, water.

 Clothing Tips:

  • Lightweight gloves or mittens that fit well, water proof is nice, but not required, and something to cover your ears like a buff. Sunglasses or clear glasses depending on the day.

  • A small waist pack for keys, phone, snack, and maybe a  wearable water bottle is recommended. It needs to be small, and not bounce or get in your way and not a backpack because backpacks change weight distribution and will make it harder for you.

  • You may wish to bring a change of socks and other clothes for the drive home.

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