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Guide Conf - Caving 3/25/22

Drive: I-15 south, east 1400 N Springville exit, Millpond Dr, left 1150 N, 800 E Trailhead


Approach to Cave - Hike about 45 min steep up canyon. From a maze of trails near the trailhead, head north to the base of the canyon, cut across the river gorge and take trail heading up the north west face of the canyon heading east along the base of the cliffs along a moderately traveled trail, follow around cliff band left up gully, climb/scramble up trail heading north, look for the "thumb" formation near the top of the gully, cave will be on the rt as a slit in the rock about 8 ft tall and 2 ft wide.

Cave - cave is narrow down to 18 inches. Similar to a slot canyon, about 100 ft with some up and down climbing. Ends in a 25 ft chimney with a hand line (which we replaced) left side very smooth but good holds on the rt side. Bolt at the top is old and rusty so don't take a fall on the rope - use just as a support. Continues up at a 30 degree up slope to a narrow hole we couldn't get through.

Gear: helmet, headlamp (plus extra batteries), flashlight (plus extra batteries), first aid kit, long sleeve shirt, thick pants, leather gloves, boots

Rentals: Helmets ($4 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center/BYU Outdoors Unlimited)


2 pm - Review Caving etiquette and techniques

230 pm - Hike to cave

330 pm - Explore cave

530 pm - Hike down

630 pm - Back at trailhead

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