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Hiking - Gloria Falls 6/30/23

Updated: Jul 11

Sample Itinerary:

Hike - 9:45 am - 11:45 am

Directions: White Pine Trailhead, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Activity: Hiking Gloria Falls - 2.8 mile easy out and back trail starting at White Pine Trailhead. Take the trail south west of the parking lot past the kiosk, then head south. Cross the bridge and take an immediate rt. Head up a gradual dirt wide trail about 30 min to the second kiosk. The second kiosk is the trail fork for White Pine to the left and Red Pine to the right. Follow the trail to Red Pine that goes right behind the kiosk and to the left. Follow just a couple minutes to the second bridge. Cross the bridge and take an immediate left heading south and up the mountain and to the right of the stream. Follow the largest trail on the right side of the river 10 minutes to the waterfalls. All Trails Trip Report.

Gear: T-shirt, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, hiking pants/shorts, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack, 1-2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks, hiking shoes/boots.

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