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Hiking - Bells Canyon to Lower Falls 11/8/22

Beautiful hike past a reservoir and into the woods and ending in a magical waterfall!


Carpooling - 1:00 pm

Hike - 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Directions: I-15 N take exit 291 onto 12300 S. Turn right on 11645 S. Wasatch Blvd. 4.4 mi. Turn right onto Little Cottonwood Rd. Turn right on Granite Slope Dr.

Bell Canyon Granite Trailhead

Activity: Hike Bells Canyon - Classic, beautiful 4.5 mi. out-and-back trail that offers a little bit of everything to see - features a lake, waterfall and city views. A bit steep at the last 1/3 mi but worth it. Well maintained trail.

*Note - In November, we hit a snow/rainstorm and the trail was slushy with a small 4 inch deep stream running down the middle. Waterproof boots are a MUST as well as a waterproof shell and warm gloves and hat on days like this.

Gear: Hiking pants, synthetic T-shirt, long sleeve synthetic top, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, rainjacket, winter hat, winter gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack with waist belt, 2 Liters water, 4 snacks, first aid kit, hiking boots/running shoes/waterproof boots, trekking poles (optional)

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