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Youth Mt Biking - Little Valley, Corner Cyn, Draper 6/27/24

Sample Itinerary:

9-11 am - Mt biking trails

Directions: Little Valley Trailhead in Draper, Little Valley Trailhead, enter straight into Instructional Trails. Alternate route- park at Potato Hill trail head then take Ann's trail south to Little Valley Loop, then to the Instructional Trails.

Activity: Mt Biking - Little Valley Loops - Course A (Beginner - Green) best for starting out. Course B/C/D (Intermediate Beginner - Blue). Can link up trails with the Ann's Trail nearby for longer rides or older youth.

Bathrooms - none

Cell Reception - yes

Dogs - yes

Gear: 1 L water, snacks, hiking shoes, shorts/T-shirt, long sleeve, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, backpack, helmet, bike (front suspension for older kids), BIKING GLOVES and KNEE PADS will save alot of injuries, elbow pads

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