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Dutch Oven Cookoff - Big Springs 10/23/21

1st Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff!! Great place to cook dutch oven meals whether in the grills at the pavilions or up the trail at a firepit. Play games or hammock in the park or go on short hikes.

Directions: Big Springs Hollow upper parking-lot. There are 3 Pavilions with standing grills available for reservations online or head up the trail north of the upper parking lot for simple fire rings.


Dutch Oven Cookoff - Fill chimney 1/2-3/4 full easy-light briquettes, place paper towel under chimney and light. Briquettes should light and wait until briquettes are becoming white. Place amount under dutch oven. Put in food for cooking. Set on lid and place additional briquettes on top. Cook. Serve.

Gear: Dutch oven, leather glove, lighter, chimney, paper towel, easy-light briquettes, food for cooking, lawn games


3:30 pm - Big Springs Hollow Park - begin cooking/play/hike

5:30 pm - Dinner

(Recipes Below)


Main Dishes - Baked Chicken, Brisket Chili, Calico Beans, Chili Mac, Mt Mamas Breakfast, Taco Pie

Dutch Oven Baked Chicken (Brenda Layton)

Chicken legs

Olive oil

Onion chopped

Take pre-seasoned chicken legs at Costco.

Sautéed them in a little olive oil and onion and baked in the Dutch Oven until done -

about 60 min.

Brisket Chili (Suzy Sample )

*For the dutch oven activity we brought all the meats precooked*

*We buy our smoked salt at Alpine Food storage in Highland*

1lb smoked brisket 1lb smoked ground beef 0.25lb bacon chopped 1 green or red bell pepper diced 1 large onion diced 2 cans kidney beans 4.5 oz canned green chilies 28 oz can crushed tomato 12 oz can tomato paste 2 cans beef broth 1TBS minced garlic 1.5 TBS chili powder 0.5 TBS chipotle powder 1 tsp dried mustard 0.5 TBS smoked paprika (or crushed red pepper if you're feeling super spicy) 1.5 TBS cumin 1 TBS dried oregano 2 tsp smoked salt (or boring regular salt) 0.75 tsp black pepper Heat a bit of olive oil in the dutch oven and saute onions, bell pepper, garlic and

seasonings. Dump in the precooked meat and stir for a bit longer. Dump all the canned

ingredients and stir it well. Let it all simmer for an hour or 2 before serving. We like to

add shredded cheddar cheese and diced green onion. Also great with cilantro and sour

cream. Calico Beans Dutch Oven Recipe (Erica Splattstoesser) Use a 12" Deep oven1 lb bacon 1 lb ground beef 1 lb sausage (optional, if wanted spicier use chorizo) 1/2 chopped red onion 1 each chopped red, green and orange bell pepper 1 chopped anaheim pepper (optional if wanted spicier) 1 large can of pork and beans 2 cans garbanzo beans 4 cans kidney beans -various colors 2 cans green lima beans 1 can black beans 1 can diced, fire roasted tomatoes 1-2 c brown sugar 1 c ketchup 1/2 c mustard 1 T vinegar 1 t salt Brown each type of meat byself before draining and setting aside to re-add back in

later. Start with bacon, then hamburger, and then sausage. Brown onion and peppers. Simmer for 15-30 min until onions start to carmelize. Add meat, tomatoes and beans. Drain liquid from all beans (except the pork and beans),

set 1-2 c of liquid aside. Extra liquid is saved and used if bean mix seems dry. Mix

well. Add brown sugar, ketchup, mustard, vinegar and salt. Mix well. Cook for 45 minutes or more. Check every 15 minutes and stir. Can allow to simmer

longer, as long as you check to make sure it is not drying out. Can add additional

liquid if needed. Add brown sugar

Chili Mac (Marilyn Boucher)

Mountain Mamas Breakfast (Marilyn Boucher) - I HAD to change the name of this one, for obvious reasons. :).

Sausage, Bacon, Cheese, Eggs

Heavenly Taco Pie (Michi Nelson)

Side Dishes - Campfire Nachos

Campfire Nachos (Marilyn Boucher)

I have been doing these for ages because kids love it and it is super quick, just waiting

for cheese to melt which is good when you want a meal quick. Besides dutch oven, I do

right on the fire with a pan, tin foil and cooking spray or just tin foil and cooking spray,

open face and wait for melted cheese.

Desserts - Apple Crisp, Peach Crisp with Almonds

Apple Crisp (Brenda Layton)

2 Cans of Apple Pie Filling

2 Tsp Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Water

Mix together – Pour into the bottom of dutch oven. (When cooking sugary recipes,

putting down foil is good for easy cleanup)

Topping: Mix together and put on top of filling

¾ Cup of Brown Sugar

¼ Cup of Powdered Milk

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/8 tsp Salt

1/3 Cup of Flour

1 Cup Oatmeal

1/3 Cup Softened Butter

Double above for Large Dutch Oven. Cook until Topping is Browned.

Peach Crisp With Almonds (Marilyn Boucher) -

I like this one over other crisp recipes because the lemon balances the sometimes

over-sweetness other crisps have. It is a light hand with lemon, not overpowering, just

well balanced. Mine looked dry after a bit while cooking and my son shared a tip with

me he got from his scoutmaster from a campout, instead of water, add Sprite. Genius

move that I will do from now on.

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